Alurian Folk Sayings - lurhs Iltmr

Deys faleghl zh'rvn plef ddx zh zrrevnn lksn.

You must loose sight of the shore in order to catch the biggest fish.

Ve hlex vg ey mnes.

Without valleys there are no mountains.

ly shthv kyn, shthv gvezhenn.

She who bears a child, gives birth to the future.

Bhr te kl`rhes elef lezrsh.

Time that is shared is never wasted.

Tsye sly vg verhs.

In tranquility there is truth.

Nelh qrss plef ghl sevnn.

It takes a long time to find eternity.

Ker lh delzy fest.

To believe is to be strong.

Sj, e tj.

Patience, not accusations.

Vn ttsn bvden vg ysh svl.

With every answer there is another question.

Zh sheven lh lefs he zh hnrh gy.

Living is difficult but Life goes on.

Hlef vg kleshth be zh svny, vg zks tsye zh sgvy.

When there is kaleshtha on the table, there is plenty in the house.

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