The Regions of Aluria - Zhë Tiró Álurhnáyá



On the south coast of Kániltóm, the main continent, in the east-central area. Bordered on the east by Kritsen, in particular the provinces of Mónesár and Báláshán, on the north by the Shánázár desert and Lhékáná region, and on the west by Lyívná. The south is entirely coast, stretching from the western end of the Ásketán peninsula, thru the gulf of Báláshán to the northern edge of the Báláshán peninsula itself.


The city of Ásketáná, capital of the region, is located on the Ásketán peninsula on the southern coast. Ásketáná is one of the most pleasant cities on Aluria, due to its climate which is sunny and warm, with ocean breezes continually sweeping off the water. The city sits on the very tip of the rocky peninsula, and sits almost 300 feet above the water. Called the City of Marble, Ásketáná is constructed almost entirely of a milky white marble found primarily in this region. In architecture it favors a more mediterranean style with open courtyards, noble columns, paved wide streets. What seems at first to be a cultural mismatch with this is the defensive wall, also made entirely of marble, which surrounds the entire city. Although this has only decorative use now, historically this protected the city against raiding parties which would come in from the sea.

Culture: Ásketáná's past is filled with stories of pirate kings, secret societies, sacred sites, poets, and artists. Once the capital of a rich southern empire, Ásketáná was also the home of a style of sea vessle known as the Vílóren. This ship, whose characteristic mast structure resembles the Alurian character for "ó" giving it its name (víl - letter, rune), carried Ásketán pirates as far as Káláshéná in north-eastern Kritsen, allowing them to turn Ásketáná into the beautiful architectural and cultural center that it is today. The city of Ásketána is considered the ideal place for writers, poets, painters, and artists in general. With its gentle climate and inspiring ocean views, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular leisure and vacation spots on Aluria.

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