The Regions of Aluria - Zhë Tiró Álurhnáyá


Location: In the north-east corner of Kániltóm, the main continent. Bounded on the north by the ocean and the polar regions, on the east by the Eastern mountains and Kritsen, on the west by the region of Jáskárná with a short border with Lyivia to the south-west, and on the south by Lhékáná.

Geography: Geneshlěcá (pronounced genesh-lie-hhah) does not have the high peaks of its eastern neighbor, but contains several small valleys with rolling hills in between. The far north is mostly sub-arctic tundra plain, including much of the coastline. The mouth of the Genesh river, in Fálársá Bay, is more moderate, although still in the lowlands. The region is actually composed of two provinces, Genesh which takes in the eastern hill country near Kritsen and the Genesh river valley from the border with Lhékáná to the northern ocean, and Lěcá (pronounced lie-hhah) which includes the rough hill and canyon country to the west up to the border with Jáskárná.

Climate: The region is one of two which are considered Northern, and has a corresponding influence from the pole. The temperature throughout the region rarely climbs above the mid 70's and is often in the 40's at night. The far northern reaches of Geneshlěcá are sub-arctic with temperatures that dip below freezing each night and rise into the 40's and 50's during the short day. The land, especially in the south as it approaches the great lake, is fertile, but due to the cooler weather and shorter daylight at this northern latitude, only the hardier crops are grown. The region is good for raising domestic animals such as ágen, vuráps, and mácish, which do not mind the temperatures.

Geneshlěcá's capital, Pelerá, is located inland on the river Genesh, which flows north from the great lake into the sea. It is from this river that the region takes its name. Other, smaller rivers begin in the hills and flow into it, watering the many small valleys throughout the region.

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