History and Description - Sálqáren ddá Nòvren

What we know today as Alurhsa is really a constructed language developed around the time of the Enesnerrëvensës, or Unification, by a team of linguists whose task was to create a language that represented the soul of the Alurhsa people, which could be used to unite them in speech as they were uniting in government.  The new language was to base its root words, concepts, and pronunciation on what could be ascertained about the most ancient language of the Alurhsa people, blended with the most popular and developed existing languages.  The alphabet used was based on the one in most common usage for several of the languages at the time.  Although it was to be easy to learn and use, there was no intention to create rigidly logical rules or completely regular inflections.

The result was a language containing 70 sounds, 7 noun/adjective cases, a complex but logical tense system, and a vocabulary drawn from roots whose descendents were still present in many languages and expandable by means of numerous affixes.  Two additional sounds, another case and a dual number, and a habitual tense, were hotly debated but never fully implemented, although occasional fragments remain.

The apparent complexities that remained, at least as seen today by offworlders, would seem to indicate that the language had no hope of being popularly accepted and had to be forced in by official decree.  But quite the opposite is true.  Alurhsa languages have always been complex and often irregular.  In addition, the new language provided to the Alurhsa people another indication of unity and the fulfillment of eons of striving and internal strife, and a return to the initial position of being one people.

The Alurhsa language went through several phases after being accepted as the single language of the Alurhsa people.  In its first form, it retained much of the complexity and irregularity of its ancestors, the natural languages of the planet.  Over the course of several generations, as the people moved away from speaking the original languages at all and began speaking exclusively Alurhsa, these complexities became more and more regular.  In some areas the additional cases, sounds, etc. mentioned above appeared and disappeared, leaving only dialectal traces.

Today Alurhsa remains the only language spoken by the planet's 750 million inhabitants, as well as those in colonies or settlements on other worlds within the Alurhsa system, and the few settlements in other star systems.  Over the years it has standardized to the form in use today, though the variations have never been extreme enough to prevent original texts from being understood.