What is all this about? - Shón nóqô úmázhë?

You may be asking yourself "Who are these people and why have I never heard of them?", or "What is this site really all about?", or "Is this person insane?"

The answer to all this is somewhat complex.

In a strict, logical sense, the world of Alurhna, its solar system, and the Alurhsa people, their culture, and their language, are what is known as a "Conworld" and a "Conlang".  The "con-" in these terms is short for "constructed", meaning these are an artistically constructed "fantasy" world, culture, and language which I have produced largely for my own amusement, although I reserve the right to publish the myriad of stories and other information.  Some people construct model railroads or villages, some create elaborate scenes with dollhouses, or put together little natural environments in terrariums.  I am one of those whose hobby is creating fictional worlds, cultures, and languages.  It is every bit as challenging and detail oriented, but a lot harder to show off to anyone.  That is the purpose of this website.

In a deeper sense, however, it is my belief that somewhere, somehow, in this Universe or some alternate one, that the Alurhsa people do exist, and that I have a deep and unbreakable spiritual tie to them.

Some would say this makes me certifiably insane or at least deluded.  Perhaps I am.  But I have experienced enough of a connection to all this personally that I feel strongly it is a gift from God, whom the Alurhsa people call Ákhván.  So, regardless of what others think about it, I consider the Alurhsa culture to be my culture and heritage, the Alurhsa people to be my people, and the Alurhsa language to be the language of my soul.

So as you look around this website, feel free to consider it a display of my hobby, a sharing of a deeply spiritual connection with my own people, or the fantasies of a deluded New Age Christian.  All three probably have some element of truth to them.

You can learn more about constructed languages and worlds at the following site:

The Language Creation Society
And here is a wonderful passage by fellow Christian and conlanger/conworlder Boudewijn Rempt explaining the rational for conlanging/conworlding: Apologia pro Imaginatione