Álurhsá Gárrévnë - Alurhsa Grammar

While many people have certainly never heard of the Alurhsa language, or the Alurhsa people, those who have will probably agree it is high time a workable grammar of this complex and expressive language was made available to English speakers.  Hopefully the present work will meet this need.

I have attempted to give the fullest possible explanation of how the language works, but it must be stated that as with any living language, there will always be exceptions, linguistic shifts of vocabulary, and turns of phrase that will make any work such as this imperfect.  But I believe if the student will diligently learn what is covered in this text, he or she will be well equipped to read and understand any written or spoken Alurhsa encountered.

The question of alphabet is a significant one in this hope.  The Alurhsa script is phonetic, and its runic style mean there are no modifications or multiple forms for letters.  However, the sheer number of letters makes it counter-productive to expect students to learn the script, the grammar, and the vocabulary simultaneously.  For this reason I have chosen to use the romanized form in this text, giving the Alurhsa runes in the pronunciation section for completeness.  The romanized form has been used among missionaries and other Terrans working with the Alurhsa community.

The following conventions are used in the text:
•    Alurhsa words are in bold type.
•    English translations of Alurhsa words are in italic type and often enclosed in parentheses ().
One final note.  This work is still incomplete, but I feel it is sufficiently important to at least provide some information on this beautiful tongue that I have allowed the work to proceed into publication in spite of this.  In a future edition I hope to add many useful features, including a full listing of fundamental and standard roots, examples for the correct use each locational and syntactic, and more cultural information.

This page contains links to each of the sections of Alurhsa Grammar. The topic is divided according to the word categories identified by native grammarians.

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